Live Life to the Fullest Knowing Engine Yard Has You Covered

With Engine Yard, you’re never alone. You can be as hands on or hands off with AWS as you want. Need someone to handle DevOps as you grow? We can do that. Ready for an internal DevOps team to manage AWS but want your team to have support? We’re here. You work hard. We’ll be an extension of your team, available with application and database support, launch and load performance testing, and more. We’ll make sure you won’t miss the important moments in your life.

Support as a Service

Application & Database Support

  • Version Upgrades and Specification Management
  • Data Source analysis
  • Application Development Maintenance
  • Custom backup and recovery tools

Deployment & Professional Services

  • Launch and Load
 Performance Testing
  • CI & CD automation Best Practices
  • Chef Recipes for Deployment automation

Deis & Kubernetes

  • Simple developer experience via the Deis CLI
  • Flexible workflows to fit your deployment model, including: buildpacks, Dockerfiles, and Docker Images
  • Polyglot support allows you to pick the best language for the job
  • Deis and Kubernetes Training

The Three R's in Support as a Service.


Engine Yard's Support as a Service offerings are custom support plans that revolve around your business. Increasing your ROI:

  • VNOC Services
  • 25+ member support team
  • 10+ years of Linux & DevOps


Engine Yard's Support as a Service minimizes the risk that you would put on your team from:

  • Monitoring
  • Costs of Downtime
  • Code/Server Bottlenecks


Trust your app will be available when your customers need it. Our Support as a Service has reliability at its heart:

  • HA & DR Set up
  • Follow the Sun Coverage
  • Over 1 Billion hosted hours

The Who and How of Support as a Service.

VNOC Telemetry Monitoring

With our Virtual NOC, you can be sure your instances are humming along. And when they’re not, we get a page.

Systems Administrators & Application Engineers

When you have a problem use a support ticket to stay in contact our support engineers around the world, ensuring issues get resolved quickly.


Our DBAs can help you with just about any Postgres or MySQL query.

Focus on your Apps.
Let Us worry about the DevOps.

DevOps Architecture

Starting from scratch? Rebuilding your current deployment strategy? Our team of DevOps professionals can help. We’ll help you implement an Open Source architecture for your environment.

Deployment Solutions

Getting started with your deployment engine? Your existing deployment solution no longer fitting your needs? Our Systems Administrators and Applications Engineers can architect a deployment solution or refine your existing one.

Continuous Operations

Can’t stand occasional operations hiccups? Neither can we. Every application is different, and we get that the components making up the life cycle of your application will change. While your team iterates on new code, our Continuous Operations Support will ensure your operations continue running smoothly.

Communicate in Real Time Not Downtime.

We don’t want you to miss anything getting your app ready for release or keeping your app up and running. We’ll make sure you’re configured correctly and that the components making up the life cycle of your application work as expected.


Reach out to us in freenode at #engineyard Ping one of our Support Engineers with #eyhelp


Submit a ticket to communicate with our Support Engineers. Tickets ensure our team around the world gets any problems resolved quickly.

Submit a ticket now >


Call a simple 10-digit number to reach one of our Support Engineers.

Pricing That Won't Cost You
a Port and an IP.

Our Support as a Service offerings are our most customizable solutions.

No business is the same. Neither are teams. What you may need help with today maybe different from what you’ll need in the future. Contact our Customer Success Team to discuss how we can support your application, database, architecture, and deployment solutions. With your particular needs in mind, we’ll present a tailored Support as a Service offering and walk you through the pricing.

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