Scale your app with Transparent Value Pricing


For customers who want us to actively run and manage applications.
$00 / hour
Basic is 3 Servers or less
$0.00 / month *
Per Server


$00 / hour
25% discount on Amazon On-Demand
$0.00 / month *
Per Server
Find Out More About Managed Service Pricing
Total $0.00 / hour
$0.00 / month *
Per Server

* Estimate only. Monthly estimate based on 720 hours of usage. Additional AWS service costs may apply. Contact Us for a detailed quote.


Full orchestration of apps & databases delivers peak performance

  • Scales from simple sites to multi-tier distributed apps
  • Rapid app deployment in minutes
  • Automated network, security, and data protection

Industry-leading expertise boosts productivity

  • Expert operations, app support engineers and DBAs
  • Continuous application monitoring
  • Rapid response, multi-level support 24/7

Continuous updates ensure high availability and security

  • Tested and optimized app servers, load-balancers, and caches
  • Patching for more than 200 software components
  • Supporting thousands of production customers worldwide

Plus, you get 25% added savings when using Amazon Web Services (AWS) with Engine Yard

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you price your services?

Engine Yard uses "Transparent Value Pricing" to break out your price for our value-added services alongside the Infrastructure-as-a-Service price, on your monthly bill.

Q: What's the advantage of Transparent Value Pricing?

You always see exactly what you are paying for Engine Yard services and IaaS resources compared to others who "bundle" everything together in one price.

As you grow and scale your applications using more IaaS resources, you save on PaaS costs. Others using the bundled price model typically add a percentage on to IaaS costs, penalizing you with higher proportional prices as you grow.

Q: What’s the difference between Basic vs. Standard support services?

No difference. You pay a lower price with Basic as an introductory offer from Engine Yard when you’re using three servers or less.

Q: What do additional AWS services cost?

Additional AWS service costs may apply including Amazon S3, EBS, ELB, reserved IP addresses, and more. These additional services are provided through Engine Yard with 20% uplift from Amazon’s published pricing.

Q: Do I get a better price on AWS resources than I can get directly from Amazon?

Yes. Any price reductions in IaaS costs are automatically passed to you, plus an additional 25% savings over regional IaaS prices. You see this reflected on your monthly bill immediately.

Q: How is the Engine Yard price related to the server type and size?

Both are factored into our services, with the number of servers supporting an application weighted more than the size of those servers. You won’t be penalized on price for using larger servers.

Q: How does my support level affect my price for Engine Yard services?

Your price depends on the support level you choose.

  • Managed: Provides full DevOps support
  • Premium: Delivers unlimited access plus proactive support and DBA access
  • Standard: Delivers unlimited access to support
  • Basic: Same support as Standard at lower introductory price for 3 servers or less