The Future of RVM, RailsInstaller and Rails on Windows

28 Mar 2013

Michael Brodhead interviews our own Evan Machnic, open source contributor extraordinaire, about the future of RVM, RailsInstaller and Windows and Rails.

  • 0:15 All about Evan
  • 1:00 The origins of RailsInstaller
  • 4:25 rvm vs. rbenv
  • 8:00 The future of RailsInstaller and RVM
  • 11:15 Getting started with Rails on a non-UNIX machine
  • Parity between UNIX and Windows

About Evan Twitter: https://twitter.com/emachnic Github: https://github.com/emachnic Website: http://about.me/emachnic

Links RVM: https://rvm.io/ RailsInstaller: http://www.railsinstaller.org/ Rubinius: http://rubini.us/