Singularity University, Rails Girls and mehackit

27 Sep 2013

\"I've always had this crazy mission of saving the world...\"

Elaine Greenberg interviews Pia Henrietta Kekäläinen, who has worked on Rails Girls, recently finished Singularity University and founded mehackit. Hear her talk about her experiences in community and technology.

  • 0:15 All about Henrietta
  • 2:00 How Henrietta got involved in tech community
  • 3:00 Growing a community
  • 9:35 Starting mehackit
  • 15:00 Singularity University

About Henrietta Twitter: https://twitter.com/phenriettak Website: http://flavors.me/piahenrietta

Links mehackit: http://mehackit.org/ Rails Girls: http://railsgirls.com/ Singularity University: http://singularityu.org/ Railsberry: http://www.railsberry.com/