S02E12: Engine Yard Support

30 Mar 2012

Tasha Drew, our Success Manager interviews some of our awesome Support Engineers: John Yerhot, Adam Holt, Erik Jones, James Paterni.

  • 1:15: Support's different roles on the team
  • 6:15: Spare time with support: user groups, open source
  • 8:55: How customers scale
  • 15:30: How support at EY has evolved, customer engagement


\"John's Twitter\":https://twitter.com/#!/yerhot

\"Tasha's Twitter\":https://twitter.com/#!/tashadrew

\"James' Twitter\":https://twitter.com/#!/a_minion

\"Erik's Twitter\":https://twitter.com/#!/mage2k

\"Adam's Twitter\":https://twitter.com/#!/adamholt


\"New Relic\":http://newrelic.com/

\"Ruby Users of Minnesota\":http://ruby.mn/