S01E49: Chicks That Rip: Elizabeth Naramore

02 Dec 2011

In this very special podcast, Paul Reinheimer interviews Engine Yard and Orchestra's very own new PHP Community Manager, Elizabeth Naramore.

  • 0:00 How Elizabeth got into PHP
  • 3:00 How she got involved into the community
  • 5:00 What she's doing and how she's interacting in the PHP community now
  • 5:20 Mini/local PHP communities
  • 6:20 Why the community is vital to the success of a project, especially open source
  • 9:00 Advice for someone who wants to join the community
  • 12:00 PHP and women
  • 13:35 Mentorship and partnership programs
  • 15:52 Advice for communities

Links About Elizabeth Naramore \"Twitter:\":https://twitter.com/#!/ElizabethN \"Blog.\":http://www.naramore.net/blog



\"PHP Community\":http://phpcommunity.org/

\"Zend Framework\":http://framework.zend.com/