S01E41: Nathan Verrill

23 Sep 2011

Nathan Verril discusses using Rails as the backend for the NY Public Library centennial blended reality game.

  • 0:00 Introductions
  • 1:20 The concept of “blended reality” games
  • 5:40 The New York Public Library “Find the Future” blended reality game
  • 7:29 The technology behind the game
  • 8:36 Why Rails was used for the back end of the game
  • 11:43 Rails control over the implementation of the user interface
  • 16:13 The “Heart Chase” for the American Heart Association project
  • 19:45 Using the Engine Yard Cloud platform
  • 21:46 Final thoughts

Links: \"Natron Baxter Applied Gaming\":http://natronbaxter.com/ \"Find the Future NYPL\":http://game.nypl.org/#home \"Heart Chase\":http://www.heartchase.org \"Heart Chase Video\":http://www.heartchase.org/about