S01E39: Stephen Robinson

08 Sep 2011

Stephen Robinson of Avity and Eye & Mind Blog talks about entrepreneurship and Rails development.

  • Moving from a developer/academic background to an entrepreneurial role
  • Entrepreneurship vs. Development
  • In-house vs. geographically distributed development teams
  • Starting the Eye and Mind blog and goal
  • Mobile development on the rise
  • When to use Ruby on Rails vs. other languages
  • Getting in touch with Ruby on Rails
  • Training staff

Links: * \"A Brief History of Steve video\":http://vimeo.com/19687547 * \"Eye and Mind blog\":http://www.eyeandmind.com * \"Dream Staffing\":http://www.dreamstaffing.com/ * \"Avity\":http://www.avity.com/ * \"Appcelerator\":http://www.appcelerator.com/ * \"Engine Yard and PHP announcement\":https://blog.engineyard.com/2011/engine-yard-and-orchestra-join-forces/ * \"The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement\":http://www.amazon.com/Goal-Process-Ongoing-Improvement/dp/0884270610 (book)