S01E19: Matt Aimonetti

15 Apr 2011

Matt Aimonetti talks about MacRuby and iOS this week on Cloud Out Loud.

  • 0:30 Thoughts on how MacRuby is doing now
  • 1:15 Will Apple open their code to the public?
  • 2:10 Background of MacRuby
  • 3:00 Status of MacRuby and iOS
  • 5:00 The MacRuby book
  • 7:20 Xcode support for MacRuby
  • 8:00 The Ruby movement as compared to an art movement
  • 10:00 Matt talks about different languages he has been looking at
  • 13:30 What Matt does at Sony and how Ruby is used there
  • 17:30 The GoldenGate RubyConf talk Matt gave 2 years ago
  • 21:20 Andy talks about what his talk at Ruby Kaigi will cover

Links \"The Ruby Movement blog post\":http://rubylearning.com/blog/2010/09/28/the-ruby-movement/ \"MacRuby\":http://www.macruby.org/ \"Masterminds of Programming book\":http://oreilly.com/catalog/9780596515171 \"Concurrency in Ruby explained blog post\":http://merbist.com/2011/02/22/concurrency-in-ruby-explained/