Operations at Engine Yard, Open Source and the Future of PaaS

01 Apr 2013

Jacob Lehrbaum interviews Bill Platt, our own VP of Operations about what brought him to Engine Yard, his passion for Open Source and why Platform as a Service is changing the way people manage their apps.

  • 0:15 All about Bill
  • 2:20 The importance of a Platform as a Service
  • 5:30 Utilizing Node.js
  • 7:30 New technologies to look out for
  • 10:00 Working with Open Source
  • 15:00 How Engine Yard works
  • 26:00 Bill's predictions

About Bill Twitter: http://twitter.com/wplatt

Links IFTTT: https://ifttt.com/ LucidWorks: http://www.lucidworks.com/ Engine Yard Local: https://www.engineyard.com/products/local Engine Yard and Node.js: https://blog.engineyard.com/2012/how-to-nodejs