Evan Light, Triple Dog Dare, Ruby DCamp

23 Mar 2013

Kevin Stevens interviews Evan Light on his consultancy, Ruby DCamp and the constantly evolving direction of Ruby.

  • 0:30 All about Evan
  • 2:00 The culture of programming
  • 21:09 Community
  • 24:00 Ruby DCamp
  • 28:00 Ruby getting more complex
  • 40:00 Developing empathy

About Evan Twitter: http://twitter.com/elight Github: https://github.com/elight Website: http://tripledogdare.net/ Ruby DCamp: http://rubydcamp.org/

Links RubySpec: http://rubyspec.org/ RubyGems: http://rubygems.org/ Toward a Design for Ruby by Brian Shirai: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BagNfTbXn3w