Developer Evangelism at New Relic, Craft, Burritos

21 Dec 2012

Elaine Greenberg interviews New Relic Developer Evangelist Chris Kelly about conferences, getting developers to speak up, and the subtleties of San Francisco burritos.

  • 0:36 All About Chris
  • 3:30 Getting new speakers at conferences
  • 9:30 San Francisco burritos vs. San Diego burritos
  • 13:00 Being an evangelist at New Relic
  • 15:00 What makes a great evangelist
  • 16:00 Combining philosophy and technology
  • 19:00 Chris' current projects
  • 25:00 New Relic in 2013
  • 28:00 The future of Ruby and Rails

Chris on Twitter: https://twitter.com/amateurhuman
Chris on GitHub: https://github.com/amateurhuman
Chris' website: http://amateurhuman.com/

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