Chicks that Rip: Elizabeth Smith

16 Jul 2012

Elizabeth Naramore interviews Elizabeth Smith of mojoLive about working on PHP for Windows and starting phpmentoring.org

*0:30 All about Elizabeth * 2:10 Starting out: From dance major to PHP programmer * 6:00 Working on PHP and Windows * 6:50 Obstacles with PHP Core * 8:45 Building phpmentoring.org * 13:45 Advice to working moms * 17:00 CoApp, package management for Windows

Elizabeth's website: http://elizabethmariesmith.com/ Elizabeth on Twitter: https://twitter.com/auroraeosrose

Links: CoApp: http://coapp.org/index.html PHP Mentoring: http://phpmentoring.org/ mojoLive: http://mojolive.com/